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Title: Lunar Imagery and Traditional Mythology in I. Kalynets' Poetry
Authors: Tsepkalo, T. О.
Keywords: mythologem
the image of moon
myth poetics
myth creation
mythic mentality
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: This article analyzes the lunar mythologem’s features in the poetic works of the Ukrainian poet Ihor Kalynets in terms of traditional Slavonic concepts and world mythological traditions. This work also explores the myth poetics of the writer, his ideological continuum and specificity of individual author’s myth creation based on the image of the Moon. This also includes an explanation of the said mythological concept as well as its role in the formative process of the myths. The mythologem of the Moon in Ihor Kalynets’ poetry embodies the author’s philosophical and social views via metamorphic manifestations. The relevance of the topic derives both from the lack of thorough analysis and the necessity for systematic study of the Moon’s mythologem in Ukrainian literature in general and in poetry in particular. Synthesis of pagan and Christian thoughts is inextricably intertwined in the author's artistic models of the universe and is peculiar to individual aesthetic system, so that understanding and interpretation of the author's approach to depict the archetypal image of the Moon is one of the major issues of the modern Ukrainian literature.
Description: Tsepkalo, T.O. Lunar Imagery and Traditional Mythology in I. Kalynets' Poetry / Т. О. Tsepkalo // Rupkatha Journal on Interdisciplinary Studies in Humanities. – 2016.– Vol. VIII, № 3. – P. 232-241.
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