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Authors: Batenko, Ganna
Keywords: Balfour declaration
Arabic-Jewish relationship
World War I
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: Arthur James Balfour, the outstanding British statesman as a member of Foreign Office after the World War I was one of the authors of the future foreign and domestic policy of Palestine. Together with the famous British political figures – David Lloyd George, George Nathaniel Curzon, Leopold Amery, Alfred Milner, Robert Ceccil, Edwin Samuel Montagu, Mark Sykes, Herbert Louis Samuel, Herbert Henry Asquith, John Allsebrook Simon he impacted on the installation of the British Mandate in Palestine. Balfour declaration became the base for British policy and opened the great Jewish immigration to Palestine. The numerous Zionist funds maintained colonization process and British loyal policy of endless Jewish occupation. British foreign policy in Palestine will be the sphere of interest for historians-orientalists because the political, economic, social, religious reasons for the Arabic-Jewish conflict rise study may prevent or explain the further East problems. Historical document Balfour declaration got the name of the Foreign minister who all his life long was interested in the Jewish people, their history, and the source of such interest was absolute knowledge of the Old Testament. A.J. Balfour is the author of philosophic works: Defence of Philosophic Doubt, The Foundations of Belief, Theism and Humanism.
Description: Batenko, Ganna Commence phase of british mandatе / Ganna Batenko // The Balfour declaration Scriptorium nostrum: електронний історичний журнал. – 2016. - № 3 (6). – С. 247-262.
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