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Title: Lichenicolous fungi of Ukraine: an annotated checklist
Authors: Darmostuk, V. V.
Khodosovtsev, A. Ye.
Keywords: Arthoniales
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: The checklist is based on 137 references and it includes data on the distribution of 220 taxa of lichenicolous fungi in Ukraine. Four species are based on dubious records. The Crimea (80 species) and Carpathians Mts (64 species) have highest observed species diversity of the lichenicolous fungi. Among plain territories, most species-rich regions are Kherson (64 species) and Mykolaiv (37 species), and both regions were intensively surveyed for lichenicolous fungi. Most frequent host genera recorded are Lecanora s. lat. (23 species), Cladonia (17 species), Xanthoria s. lat. (15 species), Aspicilia s. lat. (14 species) and Caloplaca s. lat. (13 species). Most diverse taxonomical groups of lichenicolous fungi recorded are Capnodiales (21 species), Arthoniales (18 species) and Hypocreales (13 species). Katherinomyces cetrariae, Lichenochora hypanica, Lichenostigma svandae, Norrlinia medoborensis, Phoma pisutii, Pronectria diplococca, P. caloplacae, Rosellinula frustulosae, Sphaerellothecium aculeatae, Pleospora xanthoriae, Trichoconis hafellneri and Zwackhiomyces polischukii were described from type localities in Ukraine.
Description: Darmostuk V. V., Khodosovtsev A.Ye. 2017 – Lichenicolous fungi of Ukraine: an annotated checklist. Studies in Fungi 2(1), 138–156, Doi 10.5943/sif/2/1/16
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