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Title: Phytodiversity and Lichenodiversity in the Conditions of Agricultural Landscapes In Southern Ukraine
Authors: Boiko, M. F.
Khodosovtsev, O. Ye.
Gavrylenko, L. M.
Melnyk, R. P.
Klymenko, V. M.
Shaposhnikova, А. О.
Keywords: phylodiwrsity
agricultural landscapes
southern Ukraine
юг Украины
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: I he article presents the results of investigations of vascular plants, mosses and lichens diversity on the agricultural landscapes of southern Ukraine. Mora species of bryophytes agrolandscapes include anthotserotophyles. marshantyophyles and bryophytes. Bryophytes are dominant and include species of the family 1'ouiaceae (50.0 % of all the species composition) and Hryaceae (22.5 %). I he vegetation is represented by the classes Stellarietea mediae, Polygono arenastri—Poetea annua. Agropyretea repentis, ClienopodieJea, including Red rare species - Anacamptis picta (Loisel.) R.M. ISateman. Lepidium purnihim Boiss. el Balansa and others, There are 944 species of weeds on agricultural landscapes in the south of Ukraine that grow spontaneously, l'he most common among them are 130-150 species. 500 species are adventive. The methods of rare diversity conservation and measures to light weed infestation were proposed.
Description: Boiko M. F., Khodosovtsev O. Ye., Gavrylenko L. M., Melnyk R. P., Klymenko V. M., Shaposhnikova А. О. Phytodiversity and Lichenodiversity in the Conditions of Agricultural Landscapes In Southern Ukraine. Science and Education a New Dimension. Natural and Technical Sciences, 111(5), Issue: 41, 2015 : 11-14.
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